Ron Lewis


3425 Calle Cancuna
Carlsbad, CA 92009

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Senior Technical Writer

Broadly experienced writing professional and businessman with over 10 years of technical writing experience in demanding work environments including four years with technology industry leader, Cisco Systems, and other technology giants such as Qualcomm, Motorola, and Quantum, the global leader in database backup services, disaster recovery, and data protection. Have received individual achievement awards for outstanding performance and documentation support. Experienced in web page design and possess excellent problem solving, interpersonal, organizational, communication, and design skills. Have a sense of humor, am self-motivated, and work well in a team environment or autonomously.

Professional Experience

Ron Lewis Insurance Services, Carlsbad, CA
January 2012 – Present

Independent Insurance Agent – Presently market and sell various insurance products such as Medicare Supplements, Long-term care (LTC) plans, Critical Illness (CI), Major medical, Life, and Final expense insurance.

Quantum, Irvine, CA
July 2010 – September 2011

Contract Technical Writer – Used Adobe FrameMaker to update, edit, and revise large documentation sets including installation guides, user guides, field service manuals (FSMs), site planning guides, and release notes for various products including StorNext Advanced Reporting, which is a performance data logging tool that allows you to view an array of performance statistics and historical trends for the StorNext M330 backup and storage appliance and the DXi8500, which is a high performance de-duplication solution for database backups, disaster recovery, and data protection. Collaborated and worked with a diverse team of software and hardware engineers, SMEs, and technical writers. Updated graphics and line drawings using Adobe Illustrator and PaintShop Pro.

Motorola, San Diego, CA
March 2008 – February 2010

Contract Technical Writer – Collaborated and worked with a diverse team of software and hardware engineers, SMEs, and technical writers. Managed the writing, updating, rebranding, editing, and publishing of Motorola software and hardware documentation sets. Used Adobe FrameMaker, InDesign, Acrobat, and MS Word to write and update various documents such as the Mover Installation and Operating Guide (which transcodes and securely transfers recorded content from Mover devices to PMPs), the T-View EMS Operating Guide (which helps Motorola customers install, configure, and manage their CP and SE devices), the M-eMTA Chassis Installation Guide (which installs and configures the SBV5506 chassis), the Electronic Product Support Plan User Guide (which describes the functionality of a web-based tool that electronically tracks the PSP), the CherryPicker Update Utility (CUU) Installation and Operating Guide (which provides bulk software updates for specific versions of CherryPicker product line), CUU Release Notes, etc.

Qualcomm, San Diego, CA
April 2007 – March 2008

Contract Technical Writer – Wrote the BREW and uiOne Error Code documents, which provide descriptions and resolutions to various error messages that appear in different software products. Wrote the Billing Service Installation Guide and updated the entire uiOne Glance Mobile Modules documentation set, which includes the Glance feature overview, testing guidelines, developer guide, and release notes. Updated and edited the Customization Toolkit Device Manufacturer Guide and the Customization Toolkit Operator Guide and wrote release notes for the Theme Developer Kit and the Application Manager for Smaller Screen Resolution Displays. Also responsible for generating PDFs, filing, and updating documents.

Tut Systems, San Diego, CA
August 2005 – June 2006

Contract Technical Writer – Utilized Adobe FrameMaker to re-brand, edit, and update a large documentation set consisting of product, installation, introduction, configuration, and monitoring guides for industry leader in deploying next-generation video and IP services over broadband networks. Consolidated the full T-View documentation set into a "special edition" subset with an emphasis on special video services. Successfully researched, planned, and wrote the quick start guide for managing Astria Content Processors (CPs) to help customers install, configure, and manage their CP devices and to reduce customer support calls. Restructured various books in the documentation set to enhance readability and usability.

Dot Hill, Carlsbad, CA
September 2004 – August 2005

Technical Writer – Wrote and updated software and hardware installation manuals, quick install guides, contents sheets, online help, and users guides for a leading network storage solution company. Edited, managed, maintained, and published technical documentation sets for current and future releases. Fixed and modified FrameMaker templates. Used single source files to create printed and online documentation sets for customers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Collaborated and worked with a diverse team of software and hardware engineers, SMEs, and technical writers.

Cisco Systems, San Diego, CA
December 2000 – Sept 2004

Technical Writer – Researched, planned, wrote, revised, updated, and published significant portions of the Cisco Building Broadband Service Manager (BBSM) software and hardware documentation sets. Always met goals and challenging deadlines even when the project scope and delivery dates changed. Member of the Ethernet Access Group (EAG) documentation survey team, which collects customer feedback to improve document quality and usability. This effort helped reduce technical support calls by 12%. Received the Cisco “Individual Achievement Award” for outstanding performance and excellent documentation support.

Projects include the following:

CAIS Software Solutions, San Diego, CA
May 2000 – December 2000

Technical Writer – Co-authored the IPORT Broadband Provisioning System (BPS) Installation Guide. Received the Southern California Unified STC 2000-2001 Technical Publications Competition - “Award of Excellence” for this document. Acquired by Cisco Systems in 12/2000.

Thomas Maddy Communications, Seattle, WA
1999 – 2000

Website Designer – Performed website design, development, and maintenance for this regional marketing company. Created web pages using HTML code. Transferred files using FTP. Designed and developed Microsoft Access databases. Ran queries and generated reports.

World Travel Partners, Seattle, WA
1998 – 1999

Database Technician / Technical Writer – Ran database queries and processed reports for this corporate travel agency. Demonstrated initiative to document the various database procedures for new and existing employees, which significantly increased productivity and savings to the company. Utilized technical writing skills for documentation and internal product instruction. Created Decision Support software for corporate clients and client management. Tested predefined databases for internal and external customer decision support.

Ron Lewis Insurance Services, Seattle, WA
1990 – 2000

Independent Insurance Agent – Self-employed, financially-successful entrepreneur. Specialized in the senior market. Responsible for all aspects of the insurance business from marketing, sales, and customer service.

Performed the following activities:



Adobe FrameMaker, Acrobat, PhotoShop, InDesign, Microsoft Office Suite, Visual Basic, Paint Shop Pro, RoboHELP, SnagIt, HTML, UNIX, and Visio.